This year has been a whirlwind! How are you all feeling? I know it can feel really overwhelming sometimes, but something that has TRULY helped my family and I is the fact that we can step out and get fresh air. 

We want you to be happy, but we also value your safety. The changing seasons come with their beauty, magic, and downsides. As summer slowly merges with fall, the days start to shorten faster than expected...

“Is there anything more beautiful than the sun’s rays hitting the snow, making it sparkle? I don’t think so!” Lyne speaks about snow how others speak of their love—with contagious enthusiasm and in poetic terms that are both charming and fascinating.

Winter lovers have their secrets… By fearlessly braving icy weather, their courageous spirit, praised by those who hate the cold, is rewarded by the subtleties that make the season so magical and unique.

Britney’s experience of Canadian winters, complete with snowbanks brushing rooftops, snowstorms and all the essential bundling up that goes with them, has been limited to the Christmas movies she watched growing up. She is used to winters that are hot, really hot…

It happened when she was only three.

The revelation. Her thumping heart. It was the beginning of a storied love affair between Chloé and winter.