Our mission

We’re Hot Paws. And we’re here to warm you up. That’s right because we’re the kind of company that’s always believed in the power of hugs, smiles, warm clothing, and creature comforts.

As Canadians, we spend almost half the year in cold weather. And at Hot Paws we’ve always seen this as something to be embraced and celebrated. Because when you have the right clothing, cooler weather can be your friend. From the first frost in the fall to the deep chill of winter, to those refreshing days of early spring, cold weather has a certain power and magic to it like no other.

Quite simply, the cold brings us all together. And when you’re warm inside, it makes it all that much more enjoyable. A crisp early morning walk to work. Making snowmen in the playground. An evening out on a rainy Sunday. A family stroll in the woods.

Smile. Play. Laugh. Be warm. That’s what we’ve always been here for. Because no matter the weather, no matter the cold, we’re always there to make sure that you smile right through it.

Hot Paws | Happy Inside Out

Our story
It all started with a pair of gloves…

Since 1976, we’ve been on a mission to make sure that everyone who wears the Hot Paws brand is happy inside out. We started out small, with a pair of gloves, but we always had in mind what a big difference we could make in people’s lives. Just by helping to keep them warm.

Since then, we’ve grown and expanded our fashionable and colourful collection into knit and fleece gloves for men and women, and then we moved on to hats, scarves and neck-warmers, as well as winter gear for the entire family — base layers, boots and outerwear.

Every one of our products is designed in Canada, by Canadians. This just makes sense — that the people who make Hot Paws have firsthand experience with our winters, and know how to design the winter gear that keeps you warm all season long. With innovative proprietary features, such as Therma-Last®, Fiberflo®, Microvel® and Aquatech®, Hot Paws gloves and mitts deliver great quality and a fantastic fit.

With new styles, new looks, and new materials that are always in the works, you can rest assured that you’re getting the most weather-resistant and budget-proof products possible. In fact, Hot Paws is the leading winter accessories brand in Canada, selling several million products every single year. And now with the recent launch of our online store, we’re a leading brand around the world too.

Our values
Happiness - Kindness - Fairness - Creativity - Simplicity

The very nature of life is to adapt to change. Weather is the perfect embodiment of this certitude. And for Nordic dwellers, four seasons in a day is not an uncommon reality. Our constant pursuit to offer products to address this reality is at the very core of our creative spirit and our drive for innovation. This is why all of our products—from winter accessories to outerwear—are designed in Canada, by Canadians. For us, it’s only natural that the people who envision Hot Paws products have firsthand experience with winters. And that they know how to design the winter gear that keeps you warm all season long.

At Hot Paws, we equip several million people a year, yet we still operate very much like a family business. Our in-house design team ensures the highest quality of all our products through careful material selection and control of the production chain. With fairness at the core of all our interactions. We’re proud of the longstanding relationships we’ve built with our Asian factories. Many of them spanning 20 years and more. Our mutual inspiration for artistry and craftsmanship has created a special bond, making our beloved products even better.

When it comes to sustainability, we won’t pretend it’s not an industry challenge. It is. And we take it very seriously, working hard to decrease our carbon footprint while seeking better alternatives for a greener future. What’s more, we give back to our local community with a product donation program for underprivileged schools, because every kid from every walk of life, has the right to winter magic. It’s what happens when you are… Happy Inside Out.