Winter accessories and warmth for days

Bundle up beautifully thanks to Hot Paws' Canadian-designed winter essentials, feeling warm has never looked so good.

Winter accessories and warmth for days

Keep little ones toasty with our cozy collection of ultra-soft winter essentials. Dress them up and wait for the gurgles of joy!


Winter accessories and warmth for days

Keep that smile throughout colder weather with our selection of neck gaiters, mittens, beanies, winter gloves, and outerwear.

Be warm

From the first frost in the fall to the deep chill of winter, to those refreshing days of early spring, cold weather has a certain power and magic to it like no other. Quite simply, the cold brings us all together. And when you’re warm inside, it makes it all that much more enjoyable. That’s what we’ve always been here for. Because no matter the weather, no matter the cold, we’re always to make sure that you smile right through it.

Basics Collection

Designed to make every day more comfortable.

Snow Collection

Designed to embrace your playful side.

Snow+ Collection

Designed for play on the coldest days.

Active Collection

Designed to fit and move with you.

Fashion Collection

Designed to impress – even when it’s cold out.

Kids Collection

Designed to keep up with your little ones.

Newborn Collection

Designed to keep your precious ones warm.

Rain Collection

Designed for wet weather fun.


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