How to prepare for BLACK FRIDAY

Wednesday, November 21, 2018 - 14:27

With the clocks having gone back an hour, the days getting shorter and the weather getting colder, the month of November can seem bleak. But ever since the clock struck midnight on November 1st, stores have been preparing for what should be their busiest day of the year – Black Friday!

This year Black Friday falls on November 23rd. The days leading up to this can be an exciting time, but it can also start to feel overwhelming. Strategy is everything. Fear not! We have come up with a few tips & tricks to help get you through the biggest shopping day of the year!

Get informed!

As the weeks approach Black Friday, decide which stores you will want to shop at and sign up to their email list. Those reminder emails counting down the days to their big sale will keep you on your toes. Another way to stay informed is to start following your favourite stores on social media: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. All of these channels of communication between you and your favourite retailers will help get you ready for your big shopping day!

Get a head start!

Black Friday shopping is a great time to stock up on items for gift-giving events throughout the year and the holidays. Bring those Pinterest wish boards to life and make a list. By having a list of items, you will be able to prioritize gifts and ultimately beat the holiday rush. Not too many people can say they have finished their holiday shopping in November!

Get online!

Did you know that almost all Black Friday deals are also featured online? For those of you who don’t want to be part of the crowds, this is the strategy for you! During the weeks leading up to November 23rd start doing a little research on your favourite store’s products and styles. Make note of the colour, size and product numbers. The online shopping doors open at 12am Friday morning. Get into some comfy clothes, sit in your favourite chair and have your product numbers in hand. Once you’ve gone and searched for all of the products, head on over to checkout. This fast and easy process will give you more than enough time to ship items in time for the holidays.

Happy shopping!
-Hot Paws

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